About Me

My Background

William Emes

As a carpenter, putting up scaffolding, I have worked many months in local refineries. The safe operation of refineries is a very personal issue for me. Hard work and perseverance are a very real part of my life and I would like to use them in the service of our city. That is a to the left is a recent picture of the fisherman who piloted the boat that I worked on. In six weeks, 400 miles off the coast of Astoria, I threw 15 tons of tuna on his boat.

I'm certain that I will work that hard for our city.

After completing one year at Stanford University, I was admitted to the School of Architecture at UCB. I chose to begin a 30-year career as a carpenter. Our family moved to Benicia 25 years ago. My wife has served as a paraprofessional in the BUSD's program for emotionally disabled students. Our son graduated from BHS and then the UCB School of Architecture. Currently, he is working toward his architect's license. Our family is a testimony to the fact that Benicia is a special city. I believe it is time for me to serve our community and pay forward as my wife has.

I have been a handyman, briefly a contractor, a journeyman for 10 yrs and a maintenance carpenter for 11 years with Contra Costa County. I have done a great variety of work. I am most proud of the short time I spent on the high seas as a commercial fisherman. Whatever the nature of my work, I emphasize ownership. My foremost qualification is that I will provide a new and valuable perspective to our Council. Please consider voting for someone who has always met a challenge and wants to work for our city.

Personal Values--Hard Work and Code Compliance

After taking 12 yrs to salvage an abandoned home, we made enough money to move to Benicia

My perspective on life is very different from many and I believe that the voters in Benicia would feel that perspective to be a good balance in the decisions which the council makes.

Before and After Pictures

Will and Sharon salvaged an uninhabited,condemned home. After residing there, they were able to move to Benicia. I am very aware of the importance of keeping private property in good condition.